Pregnancy Workout Series:
Your guide to staying strong & stable...
during pregnancy and beyond
It's time to WAKE UP!!!
With ALL women experiencing diastasis recti in their third trimesters and over HALF of women reporting incontinence after childbirth, it is time to wake up to the fact that something is missing in fitness programming for pregnant and postpartum women. Women want to move their bodies. You CAN and you SHOULD, and I want to show you the safe way to do it!
Exercise during pregnancy can:
  • prevent back pain
  • reduce bloating and swelling
  • help you sleep better
  • be a tool for weight management
  • improve your alignment
  • boost your mood and energy levels
  • prepare you for childbirth
  • it also has many benefits for the health of your baby!
During forty weeks of pregnancy our bodies change at a rapid rate. 

The hormonal changes that occur early on in pregnancy will drive physiological changes that affect every system of your body. 

Healthy Habits Happy Moms considers exercise an essential part of a healthy pregnancy.

You need a pregnancy-specific program to keep you strong and stable during pregnancy, prepare you for childbirth, all the while minimizing the strain of pregnancy and exercise on your core and pelvic floor.

But you may be thinking...

"Training in pregnancy is putting my baby's health at risk."
Unlike the protests you see from social media commenters, I disagree that training in pregnancy is putting a baby’s health at risk (unless it’s something ridiculously negligent). Training in pregnancy is great! 

What I am worried about is the mother’s long term health, specifically her core and pelvic floor. 

The way you breathe, your alignment, and the exercises you choose should be about minimizing your risk of developing issues like diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, not increasing them.
"I was told to continue my regular workout during pregnancy."
Many women are instructed to keep exercising the way they were prior to becoming pregnant, but put very simply this is bad advice. Your body will change rapidly over nine months, physically, emotionally and hormonally. What women do in the gym should support the health, strength, and function of their bodies outside of it.
The Pregnancy Series from Healthy Habits Happy Moms isn't just any workout series.
  • Along with building babies, we’ll be building booties!
  • We will focus on keeping postural muscles strong to prepare you for the hours you are going to spend holding and feeding a baby postpartum.
  • Through the whole program you will be working on maintaining the health, function and strength of your core and pelvic floor.
  • And so much more...
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What to Expect
Each workout follows the same format: warm-up, the workout, and the HHHM-famous “Buff n Fluff.” 

You can complete as much or as little as you want. A tired Mom may only be able to muster up the energy for our warm-up, which provides 10-15 minutes of gentle movement. 

The workout is the next phase and effectively covers the most important lifts. 

If you still have energy after the main workout, we’ve provided the “Buff n Fluff” finisher circuits. You can do these after your main workout or as a stand alone circuit another day.
We recognize that each woman is different, as is her pregnancy. Some women are sick for nine months. Some are tired. Some are in pain. Some feel fine. And some have any or all of the above and it may change from week to week. It really does vary, which is why we created a program that can meet you where you’re at.

Phase 1: The Warm-Up
Our comprehensive warm-up takes you through dynamic exercises and mobility drills that will help you find and activate different muscle groups and take you through various ranges of movement. 

This prepares you for your workout, but can also serve as stand alone movement time for women who don’t have the stomach or energy to do anything more. We think the most important aspect of your pregnancy fitness journey is that you feel good, move better and have less aches and pains. So if the warm-up is the least you can do, that’s totally fine! 
Phase 2: The Workout. 
I refer to this portion of the program as the “meat” of the program. 

We cover all the foundational movements that you need in two different circuits. 

It isn’t time consuming but it’s effective. In our manual we cover how to pick a schedule that will work for you, how to choose the right weights, and how to scale for your fitness level. 
Phase 3: Buff n Fluff
Here comes the fun! 

This part of the workout is a circuit based and has three “bonus” exercises for the women who are up for it. 

Because our priority is on building your posterior chain you will see a lot of extra booty work, more core stability exercises, and some isolation moves like bicep curls. We consider the exercises in our “buff n fluff” section as non-essential, but helpful all the same! Plus, they’re fun! Who doesn’t like to get their heart rates up and a good “pump” on? ;)
BONUS: The Homestretch Workouts
We all know that pregnancies can last beyond forty weeks. That’s why we included the Homestretch workouts, which is the last training block of the Pregnancy Series. 

This is for the women who surpass their estimated due date and want to keep moving. We dial the intensity back but focus on keeping your hips stable and open and your legs and arms strong. 
The Pregnancy Series includes:
  • Pregnancy-specific workouts with a warm-up, the workout, and the HHHM-famous “Buff n Fluff.”
  • A guide on how and where to start in the program depending on your week of pregnancy – you can start at any point in your first, second and even third trimester but we have a specific plan for how to integrate into the program.
  • A sample schedule for how you might structure your weekly workouts.
  • How to choose weights and how to track your progress .
  • FAQ section covering common pregnancy exercise myths, if you should run in pregnancy (and signs you should stop), what to do on your rest and recovery days, what to do if you can’t perform a movement in the guide.
What You Need
There are two strength programs in the Pregnancy Series: a home workout option and a gym workout option.

Both options require internet access and a computer, tablet or phone  
At Home You Need:
  • Mat
  • Resistance Band
  • Pair of Dumbbells
  • Bench/Chair
In the Gym You Need:
  • Mat
  • Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar
  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Cables
  • Bench
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Take It From These Moms...
"Jennifer is a leader in the fitness industry and thrives because she has incredible professional and personal experience in pregnancy fitness and postpartum demands. She is able to connect and empathize with mothers, facilitating trust in her guidance. Jen is well connected and highly involved in evidence based practices, which makes her a credible and reliable colleague and coach.
As a fellow coach, I can confidently recommend Jen's programs, education and coaching."
-Brianna Battles, Colleague and Strength Coach
"As a female who competes in strength competitions it was important to me to safely continue strength training throughout my pregnancy. The Pregnancy Series gave me the knowledge and smart programming I needed to be confident lifting weights through my 41 weeks of pregnancy.
This is my third pregnancy but the the first one I was able to enjoy without worrying about pain or dysfunction. Unlike my first two pregnancies, I had no incontinence issues and I am happy to report that at six weeks postpartum my diastasis is completely healed. I am amazed at the difference the Pregnancy Series made."

"Jennifer was able to really get through to me, and give me the information I needed to succeed in maintaining my fitness through pregnancy. I am hard headed, and her approach is one of firm kindness, and kind firmness. She taught me not to "take it easy", but to "work smart". She provides up-to-date, reliable, evidence based information, and she's very professional."

"The Pregnancy Series is exactly what I was looking for to keep me healthy and prepared for one of the most challenging experiences a woman faces! I love the simplicity and customization of the set up. Whatever level of fitness you're at this program meets you and challenges you while keeping you and baby safe. 

I recommend this program to all of my fellow preggo mamas! 

Thanks HHHM for creating programs that are safe and effective!"

-Sara Likness
"Thank goodness for Jennifer. There is seriously no decent postpartum health advice, not even from OBs. I've learned so much and wish I'd known it so much sooner."

-Hillary Daigle
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Jen is a personal trainer who specializes in working with pre & postnatal women. She loves helping women stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and recover safely from childbirth, while minimizing pain and injuries, like diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues.
About your instructor, Jennifer Campbell

"My name is Jennifer Campbell and I was just like the 'fit and pregnant' Moms you see on social media that did anything and everything during her pregnancies. I was driven by determination but also fear…. The cultural attitude towards mothers and weight gain was something that I struggled with.

That was until I could barely walk from pelvic pain, started leaking when I coughed or sneezed, and had a belly button that was protruding in a way that it hadn’t before. That was how I learned that it isn’t all about weight, or going to absolute extremes to prove a point. It’s about being healthy. Our bodies are doing a special job and need to be taken care of so we can stay strong and fit well past our pregnancy.

What we don’t see on social media is what’s going on behind the scenes. The determination and pride I had about staying fit through my pregnancy was how I was able to mask the growing symptoms of dysfunction that were happening in my body. These issues made the postpartum period awful for me. I was in pain, I leaked, I had severe diastasis recti. When I tried to return to my regular fitness regime, everything felt wrong. This is how I landed in rehab. 

During my recovery for my core and pelvic health issues, I was floored by the misinformation in the health and fitness industry for pregnant and postpartum women. There is so much we can do as personal trainers to help women, and even prevent these issues from occurring. Instead, we are causing or exasperating them.
The Pregnancy Series is about helping women avoid what I had to go through and allowing them pursue strength and health during pregnancy in a safe and efficient manner. I have become a passionate women’s health advocate with my mission to support women physically AND emotionally while they’re going through this unique period of their lives. No woman needs to feel confused about her body or alone in her mission to be healthy. We are all in this together."

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Workouts for pregnant moms in all phases of pregnancy.

Flexible schedule for those who want to work out 2, 3, or 4x week.

Programs you can do at home, or print off and take to the gym.

Safe and effective exercise that will minimize your risk of developing issues like diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.
We want you to be strong and healthy during pregnancy. These are some of the biggest months hormonal and physical changes of a woman’s life. I created the Pregnancy Series not only to guide you with strength training in pregnancy but to prepare you for what lays beyond – childbirth and postpartum.
Let's do this together...
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