12 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss {and how to fix it}

Why Diets Fail

We’ve ALL been there. You start a new diet or a new workout program. You’re really excited and you’re ALL IN! You turn your whole life upside down while you try to tackle everything at once. After a few weeks you give up. You think it’s you… But it’s not. You are not the failure! The diet was doomed to fail. The program was doomed to fail.

What We Are Not

We are not about strict meal plans, good and bad food lists, or nutrition and workout dogma. These things rarely take into account your individual circumstances or nutritional needs. Moms are unique – they live busy lifestyles, have to think about everyone else’s schedules as well as their own, and also need to feed a whole family.

Balance 365

You CAN change your lifestyle. But it takes time, guidance, practice, and support. We’re here to show you what really matters and help you to actually implement it in a way that fits into your busy life. We've combined nutrition, exercise, self-care, and community to bring you a full program. All in one place, and just for Moms.

Can you improve your overall health and wellness without overhauling your life? Yes, yes, a resounding yes! We know how, and we’re going to show you.

From the Healthy Habits, Happy Moms Blog

"Jen, Annie and Lauren took me back to the basics. They stripped away all of the misinformation I had been taught from the fad diet industry, and helped me ditch the “all or nothing” pattern I was stuck in. They held my hand and calmed me down – I was finally able to let go of the overwhelming anxiety and desperation I had about losing weight." - Janelle